Jolfa - Iran

      East Azerbaijan and Ardabil Regional water Authority
      Iran Seabock
Plant Specification:
      Water transmission project from Aras River to Golfaraj plain.The pump station with 1800 sq.m floor area (Development of the agricultural Lands of the Golfaraj plain from Aras River) Consist of: Water Intake with capacity of 6 m3/sec from Aras River (concrete structure) , Silting tanks comprise of 5 Galleries, each of them is 4.8 m wide and 40 m length.
Scope of work:
      Hardware and software design, supervision on installation and commissioning of water pump station control system of MV & LV Switchgear (20 KV- 6.6 KV- 400 V) and 6 sets of 1300 KW pumps and field instrumentation.
      SIEMENS PLC S7-300
Architecture & IO Quantity:
       IO requirements:
     • 1 set of 20 KV Switchgear
     • 1 set of 6.6 KV Switchgear
     • 1 set of 400 V Switchgear
     • 6 sets of 1300 KW Pumps and Instrument
     • Serial Modbus communication with measuring devices
Software Specification:
     • STEP7
     • Two Citect SCADA stations